7 DIY Project Ideas for Your Weekend

7 DIY Project Ideas for Your Weekend

Looking for something to do this weekend? If you're hoping to tackle an easy project or two, this list will help. I've rounded up seven DIYs that are perfect for a quiet weekend at home. Try them all or just one.    

1. Create these hanging bell cups for succulents and air plants.

2. Or keep your planters on a table instead, with these colorful ombre planters.

3. Crochet a storage basket from scratch.

4. Go natural with this ombre side table made from a tree stump.

5. Serve salads with these DIY fabric accent serving spoons

6. Transfer designs onto wood cutting boards for a personal touch.

7. And give your garden tools a mini makeover.

Have your own suggestions for weekend projects? Share them in the comments below.

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