Before and After: A Mid-Century Modern Cabinet Gets a Refresh

Before and After: A Mid-Century Modern Cabinet Gets a Refresh

What do you do with an old, warped cabinet? Fix it up, broken door and all of course!      

When Nicole found this Mid-Century cabinet, it was in rough shape: with dried out wood veneer, a broken door, and lots of warping it definitely needed some TLC. To make the best of things and still preserve some of its original wood-y charm, she got to work re-surfacing the door and painting the rest. The result is the colorful and quirky cabinet you see here!

Check out Nicole's cabinet makeover in full over on Poppytalk, where she also shares her tips for resurfacing and painting wood veneer.

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CapreeK on Jul 30, 2014:

VinVinVintage -- It's a fun makeover, isn't it? About the handle: unfortunately it broke when she was refinishing the door, so the leather handle was a compromise/DIY solution!

VinVinVintage on Jul 29, 2014:

Very nice job. -Love that she kept the wooden finish of the door. It looks so fresh in combination with the turquoise and white! Not so sure about the leather handle, though. (The old one would make the overall look more coherent, since it repeats the legs' shape and coloring.)

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