Roundup: 10 Inventive New Ways To Display Air Plants

A wreath with air plants.

Air plants, or tillandsia, are popping up all over the web these days. And with good reason... they're low-maintenance, inexpensive and are sure to garner attention from your guests. Here are ten super inventive ways to display these curious little natural beauties.   


Unique ways to display tillandsia.

1. Painted wooden bell cups make the perfect container for your air plants... check out the tutorial here. [Photo: Lovely Indeed

2. Air plants don't mind being upside down... so take a cue from this photo and house one in an empty glass bottle. [Photo: The Gifts of Life]

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Three creative ways to display air plants.

3. This string art idea is pretty appealing too... find out how to make your own version here. [Photo: Brit + Co.]

4. You may not have to look any further than your pantry - "plant" your tillandsia in dried beans! Find the full how-to here. [Photo: Lauren Donaldson]

5. Mason jars and twine look great with air plants too. Find out more about this project here. [Photo: Karla Lim]

Unique vessels for air plants.

6. Consider layering different materials in a glass jar underneath the plants... sand, rice, beans and rocks are a few ideas. [Photo: Debra Lee Baldwin]

7. A flat platter or tray like the one above makes for a beautiful presentation as well. [Photo: The Knoxville Holts]

Unusual ways to display your air plants.

8. If you live near the ocean, go grab a piece of driftwood and attach your tillandsia to it. Check out the tutorial here. [Photo: Euro Style Lighting]

9. This is one of those "why didn't I think of that?" ideas... a glass vase inside of another glass vase. So beautiful! And this idea is fairly pet-safe if you have a curious little furry friend like I do. [Photo: About.com]

10. This last idea is my favorite - a living wreath! Use air plants, flowers, branches and other natural items to decorate a pre-made wooden wreath. Here is the tutorial. [Photo: Pigment]

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