Before and After: How to Style an Entryway

Before and After: How to Style an Entryway

Decorating an entryway can be a challenge because it's typically a smaller space, without a whole lot of purpose. There are five quick fixes though, that you can implement in an afternoon, to turn a forgotten entryway into an inviting space that welcomes guests as they enter your home. You won't even need a gallon of paint. This mini makeover is paint free. Check it out.       

By adding a few things here and there, you can transform your entryway into a welcoming landing zone where guests can take off their coat and stay a while.

Here are five tips for creating an inviting entryway in your home.

1. Have a place to sit. Having a place to sit down and take off or put on your shoes is always a good idea. There are some really cool options out there for benches to buy, like this Nelson bench, but you can also DIY a similar bench in a couple of hours.

2. Have a place to store things. In this case, I used a colorful hanging system as a place to keep purses, accessories, coats, etc. You could just as easily add decorative bins though, under a bench to keep things tidy and organized if you need more storage.

3. Hang artwork. Artwork adds dimension to any space, so I always recommend it. You can even make your own if you don't have anything on hand. Or add a mirror to make a smaller entryway feel larger.

4. Bring in plants. Houseplants are a great, inexpensive way to add a decorative element to a room. They take up space, which means you'll have less decorating to do, and tend to make a room feel more finished or put together, without a lot of fuss. 

5. Don't forget to add some personality. Entryways and landing areas do not have to be all about function. So, be sure to infuse a little bit of your personality into this space as well, whether that means colorful baskets for potted plants, personalized artwork, etc.

Have your own entryway tips or tricks to share? Feel free to leave them in the comments below.

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