How To: Print Fabrics With Crayons

How To: Print Fabrics With Crayons

Usually, getting wax on fabric is NOT a good thing. You know, like candles that have overflowed onto table linens or, worse yet, onto the carpeting. But in this case, getting wax on fabric is a GOOD thing. The maker originally tried to DIY this EACH x OTHER L'art de Rein' t-shirt ($137!) with  fabric paint . . .

but after a few washings, the paint started to fail. A second DIY attempt led to the printing with crayon technique. The very cool thing about this project is that we probably have everything on hand to do it. Supplies include hard wax crayons, a pencil sharpener, baking paper, newspaper or used magazines, an iron, paper and pen and, of course, a t-shirt in need of a little somethin' somethin'. Head on over to Cut Out & Keep to see how to do it.

P.S. Am I the only one that likes the DIY better than the original? That mottled print has more personality!

How To Print Fabrics With Crayons [Cut Out & Keep]

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