Vintage Suitcase Turned Campaign Desk and Crutches Turned Tripod Lamp

by on Mar 11, 2014

A vintage US navy suitcase on a table.Destination Vintage

Scott Valentine is an up-cycling genius. He takes old trunks, suitcases and other vintage things and turns them into something new and amazing. Enter into evidence the old Seapack suitcase pictured above. It was made by Hartmann circa WWII. Scott decided to turn it into a campaign desk. This is what the suitcase looks like now:

DIY doesn't  throw your old suitcases , just give a artistic touch and surprise your guests.Destination Vintage

Amazing, no? (The suitcase desk is available to purchase at Scott’s Etsy shop for $599.99.) Just in case that one didn’t prove Scott’s genius, here’s another piece of evidence. Scott decided old crutches could make for a tripod lamp. So he took these . . . 

"Walking sticks are on the door."Destination Vintage

and turned them into this:

A large lamp made out of a repurposed tripod.Destination Vintage

Again, the lamp is for sale in his Etsy shop ($179), but this time, Scott tells us how it all come together so we can make one ourselves. He explains all on his blog, Destination Vintage.