My Favorite How-To Originals Out of 4000 Posts

My Favorite How-To Originals Out of 4000 Posts
This, my friends, marks my 4000th post on Curbly. To celebrate, I thought I'd cull through my how-to originals and round up some of my favorites and tell you what became of them.

I turned an old (and heavy) tripod into floor lamp for my office back in 2007. It's still here, and I still love it. Although it's  sporting a new shade these days.

When I made my tile coasters back in 2009, the idea was more unique than it is nowadays. Still, I love the idea and use the black and white one every day, also in my office. (Looks as good as new, by the way.) The colorful, floral set I donated to my local Animal Humane Society as a supplement to a silent auction basket. As it turned out, my dear friend Kay bought them. (She does stuff like that.)

created on: 02/16/09

This next one was inspired by a breadbasket from Teloforma. I played around with paper and pencil until I had a template that would work for a little gift box. Honestly, I haven't made many since, but I still love the idea.

The DIY Paper Cherry Blossoms project was tons of fun and is still a perfect way to usher in spring. I took the picture below using a homemade light box. I happened to be taking a photography class at the time and took the picture in for review. My fellow students loved the how-to aspect, but my instructor pointed out that my photograph was under-lit on the upper left. Thanks, Carl. 

The newest of the group is the geometric trivet. When came up with this idea, I thought it had possibilities, but when it was done I actually impressed myself. (Don't you love that when you impress yourself?) Anyway, it came out totally 'pro.'

The Moroccan-inspired bench makeover gets on the list for a couple of reasons. First, my pop made the bench, and, second, I love the way it turned out. Although I had intended to use the bench outside, I decided to keep it indoors in my craft room. 

And, finally, the rain chain. It's going on 3 years old, but it's still holding strong. The chain has rusted a bit, but the buckets are as shiny as ever. Being under a very large pine tree, I have to fish needles out of the buckets every now and then in the summertime, but I still love it.

I'm sure I've forgotten some, but these are the projects that still top my list after all this time. If any of you have used them to make your own creations, I hope you love them as much as I do! 

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DIY Maven on Mar 10, 2014:

Thanks, Chris. Forgot all about the coffee cup tissue deal! I've made so many of those paper CD cases, I don't need the instructions anymore. ;) Another one I use all the time is the envelope pillow. Don't need the instructions for that one either!

Chris Gardner on Mar 10, 2014:

Woohoo! Congratulations. Some of my favorites: the coffee cup tissue dispenser, the Moroccan bench, the felt gift box, and, of course, the one I still use all the time, the folded paper CD case!

DIY Maven on Mar 10, 2014:

You're very welcome, Bruno! It was my pleasure. 

bruno on Mar 10, 2014:

Wow! Congratulations, Maven! 4,000 posts is quite an accomplishment. Thanks for sharing so many great ideas along the way; the Moroccan bench is definitely my favorite!

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