Curbly Bookworm: DIY Furniture 2: A Step-by-Step Guide

by on Feb 26, 2014

A DIY sink/basin on a cart.Laurence King

A few years ago, designer/maker Christopher Stuart hit the ground running with his book DIY Furniture: A Step-by-Step Guide. I reviewed it for Curbly, giving it a glowing shout-out. When Christopher’s followup book appeared in my mailbox last week, my first thought was, “more of the same?” The answer to that question is yes.

Yes, like its predecessor, DIY Furniture 2: A Step-by-Step Guide is packed 30 projects from some of the best designer/makers out there. And, yes, the projects are exactly what you’d expect: they are each incredibly unique and functional. So, in this case, more of the same is a very good thing. 

Organized into 7 sections that include Shelves and Storage, Tables and Desks, Seating, Lighting, Bedroom, Outdoor, and Misc, the book is laid out the same as its predecessor too, including that rather tiny font used for the individual tutorials. But, again, that’s forgivable.

Now, enough of the book report; lets look at some projects. We’ll start at the book’s cover. From Nina Tolstrup and Jack Mama of Studiomama, this outdoor kitchen features a cooking hob and a sink. The sink is ‘fed’ with a garden hose (use a FRESH water hose only), and the waste water is siphoned into a watering can so it came be reused. Clever!

Although the projects in the book sometimes lean toward the rugged (just an observation, not a criticism), Blanca Ortiz’s book and plant shelf is as light as air. 

Rack storage unit with potted plants on top.Laurence King Again, the contributors push the boundaries as far as materials go, using ordinary things in unexpected ways. Take the Sine Cabinet from Dik Scheepers. Yes, that’s corrugated PVC. 

"Book is with the topic of sine cabinet."Laurence King

Among the other 27 projects found in the book, you’ll find an ingeniously simple PVC clothing rack for the bedroom, a docking table with integrated speakers, and a stool made out of-I kid you not-melted recycled polyethylene products, like water bottles, laundry soap bottles, shopping bags, and furniture and automobile parts. I’d probably shy away from that last one-the precautions stipulated would give me the yips!-but that doesn’t prevent me from giving DIY Furniture 2: A Step-by-Step guide two enthusiastic thumbs up. 

DIY Furniture 2: A Step-by-Step guide, will be released May 13, 2014. You can pre-order your copy at Amazon for about $16. did not receive monetary compensation from Laurence King for this post. However, a copy of the title was provided for review. Opinions are mine and mine alone.

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