Are These the 22 Weirdest Paint Names Ever?

Are These the 22 Weirdest Paint Names Ever?

Naming paints sounds like a fun job, doesn't it? You'd always have to be thinking of new and clever monikers for paint that will grab customers' attention. After reading some names on this list, however, I'm thinking it might be a tricker assignment  than I first imagined. Or colorists just like to yank our chains. Take Grandma's Sweater (Benjamin Moore), for instance. Can you guess what color what is? How about Miami Weiss (Behr)? Or Hipsterfication (Behr)?? Below are samples of the colors; can you pair them up with their names?? 




These are some of the most obscure on the list of 22. For the rest, click here. Not sure if they're the weirdest paint names ever, but they might come close! Have you used any that could be on the list??

And now for the answers:

1. Hipsterfication

2. Grandma's Sweater

3. Miami Weiss

What's In A Name? [glo.msn.com]

('Vegan' is by Sherwin Williams) 

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