Roundup: 22 Easy and Stylish DIY Hostess Gifts

Roundup: 22 Easy and Stylish DIY Hostess Gifts

The practice of bringing a hostess gift as a small token of thanks seems to be a (nearly) lost tradition these days. We say it's time to bring it back! Here are 22 simple DIY projects that will make a big impact in showing your party host just how much you appreciate their efforts.        

1. DIY Mini Copper Planters and Desktop Organizers

2. DIY Lavender-Infused Sugar

3. DIY Chalkboard Serving Platter

4. DIY Indigo Dyed Tea Towels

5. DIY Fabric Spice Labels

6. DIY Dip-Dyed Wooden Vases

7. DIY Beeswax Candles

8. DIY Flavor-Infused Vodka

9. DIY Typographic Cork Coasters

10. DIY Bath Bombs

11. DIY Monogram Mugs

12. DIY Labelled Bar Bottles

13. DIY Wood Plank Wine Rack

14. DIY Painted Tile Coasters

15. DIY Dip-Dye Place Mats

16. DIY Wood Slice Serving Board

17. DIY Bath Salts

18. DIY Modern Succulent Planter

19. DIY Burlap-Wrapped Herbs

20. DIY Chalkboard Canisters

21. DIY Monogrammed Cutting Board

22. DIY Mable Bacon Marshmallows

What are some of your go-to small gift ideas? Share your faves in the comments!

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CapreeK on Mar 05, 2014:

Love your suggestions, Val! Thanks for the comment!

Val on Mar 04, 2014:

All of these are lovely - but speaking as someone past 55, not everyone needs or wants another knick-nack.  May I respectfully cast my vote for a [homemade] food item that may be consumed during or after your visit?  Examples:  gourmet coffee, banana bread, a quiche, frozen home-made cookie dough balls that can be cooked a few at a time.  The possibilities are endless...

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