Inspiration: 8 Ways to Decorate with Sheepskin Throws

Inspiration: 8 Ways to Decorate with Sheepskin Throws
Every time I'm at IKEA and I see a pile of those faux sheepskin throws, I invariably have to stop and 'pet' one, which leads me to want to buy one, which leads me to wonder what the heck I'd do with it once I brought it home, which leads me to NOT buy one because I'm not sure WHAT I'd do with it once I brought it home. Before my next trip to IKEA, I decided to go prepared and compile some inspiration to alleviate the turmoil. Surprisingly, sheepskin throws pop up on more than just sofas. Take a look.

And speaking of sofas . . . what I like about the addition of a sheepskin on this particular sofa in this particular room is that it adds interest texture-wise which warms up the cool color palette too.

A larger sheepskin makes this desk chair incredibly inviting, plus, it helps with the texture and warmth issue like the last room.

Sheepskin gives these acrylic chairs presence, and, I'm guessing, makes them a bit more comfortable. 

Karen showed us how we can recover a chair like this one with sheepskin.  

And it only takes 3 minutes!

Speaking of recovering, Katie used sheepskin to reupholster this footstool.

I'd never considered adding them in a dining room, until I saw this image:

Adding a sheepskin to this bi-level side table gives it girth and, again, adds coziness. 

Sheepskin on dining chairs/benches, check.  Sheepskin on bedside tables, check. But sheepskin on DINING TABLES??? The thought of it gives me the willies because of hygiene issues, but after seeing this picture, I'm kind of loving it. How about you? (P.S. You'll be happy to know that this kind of faux fur is washable!)

Don't have an IKEA nearby to get a faux sheepskin throw? Or want something bigger than IKEA has to offer? Check out this and this post to see how to DIY faux sheepskin. 

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