How to: Throw a Party in a Small Space

How to: Throw a Party in a Small Space

If you've always wanted to throw a party, but thought that your place was simply too tiny to actually pull the trigger, this post is for you. Sure being limited by square feet can be a problem, when it comes to parties, but I have good news. There are easy ways to fix those common space-related issues. Here are six tips for throwing a great party in a small space.    

1. Keep it small. First and foremost, if you don't have much space, it makes sense to keep the guest list small. Less people means more space to move around (and dancing in front of your party backdrop). So keep the size of the party small and intimate, like this one, if you're in a cramped space.

2. Utilize what you DO have. If you have a big backyard or patio, but a tiny indoor space, take the party outdoors. Guests will appreciate having more elbow room and as long as the temperatures are reasonable it's a no brainer. Use this backyard party as inspiration for a gathering with a few friends.

Along those lines, if you want to serve food but don't have a table large enough to accommodate all of your guests, serve finger foods and appetizers so people can eat anywhere. And begin to consider all surfaces as mini tables. You could situate appetizers on the coffee table (like this) and side tables in the living room (after clearing away any clutter) and additional food options at the kitchen island, etc. Problem solved.

3. Move it. Along the lines of that last tip, consider moving furniture around to accommodate guests. Stash unnecessary furniture and bulky storage pieces in a spare room, behind a closed door and no one will be the wise. When you eliminate some of the large unneeded items from select rooms, it will feel more open, airy, and ready for guests to fill in. Much like this dining room-centered gathering, where the focus is one the table.

4. Tuck it in. Use chairs that tuck in under the table and/or push in all the way, to save space around area that people tend to congregate.

5. Minimize clutter. Keep decorations minimal that are not hanging on the wall or from the ceiling. There is no need to completely fill a space with party decor. A few key statement pieces, like hanging pendants, would be perfect and won't feel overwhelming in a tight area.

6. Go vertical. Utilize wall space for decorations whenever possible, like DIY artwork and photo booth backdrops that are temporarily attached to the wall, like this colorful Post-It backdrop. Additionally, hanging decorations, like garlands, from the ceilings will keep things from feel cluttered on tables and countertops.

Have your own small space party tips? Share it in the comments below.

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