Build with Virtual LEGO on the Google!

Build with Virtual LEGO on the Google!

I don't throw around exclamation points willy-nilly, but Google's new Build with Chrome is so awesome it deserves one. Maybe even two! Okay, this is how  it works: click here and start to build with LEGO virtually (of course you'll need Google Chrome installed). Choose bricks of different shapes and colors and 'extras' like windows and doors. Plop them down and then choose some more. Rotate, zoom in, zoom out. Mind you, building with virtual LEGO is tricker than building with the real deal, but the real deal would attract too much attention at work. Now go forth and start to build my fellow LEGO freaks. But first check out this cool vid:

become a digital architect with google build: a chrome experiment with LEGO [designboom]