How to Stencil With Bleach

How to Stencil With Bleach

This winter seems like it will NEVER end, which is why I'm all over this summery project from Lil Blue Boo. A cotton t-shirt. a $1 doily, and a  spray bottle of bleach is all it takes to make the super-cute tee pictured above. Although not mentioned in the tutorial, I'd absolutely do this outdoors as I've sprayed bleach before and it is NASTY in particulate form. You definitely want good ventilation, and outside is the best. Maybe even were a mask. I'd also stand downwind of the spray too. For the tee pictured below, the maker used a paper shaping machine to cut the shape out of vinyl shelf paper, and then dabbed a bleach-soaked sponge over it. The effect is darling. For the entire tutorial, visit this page on Lil Blue Boo.

Stenciling With Bleach [Lil Blue Boo]

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