My New Craft Room: How to ‘upholster’ a tin can.


My New Craft Room: How to ‘upholster’ a tin can.

This is a fun and easy way to make an ordinary can look fabulous. All you need to do it is a bit of fabric, a scissors, an iron, a hot glue gun and a can.


First cut your fabric to fit the circumference and height of your can PLUS a couple of inches in both directions. Press the top and bottom edges down/up. Press ONE SIDE of the fabric in. Center your can on the fabric. Roll the fabric around the can and hot glue the pressed finish edge over the raw edge of your fabric. It helps if you use a little hot glue to keep the raw edge in place as you roll up the fabric.

Although this works great for any can that doesn’t have a sharp edge inside--notice the soup can had a pop top, which worked great--the decorative tin pictured below, which I found at my craft store on sale for a dollar, turned out particularly well. (For instructions on how to make the cube memo/picture clip, check out this post.)

Tomorrow's post: Arty abacus.

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