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3 Weird Ways to Cook Eggs

by on Jan 24, 2014

Animi Causa

Most people who don’t know how to cook, know how to cook eggs. Poached, hard-boiled, sunny side up, scrambled. You know the drill, things haven’t changed much over the years, which brings us to these 3 new and weird ways to cook eggs. 

Let’s start with the scrambled-in-the-shell method. Sounds fairly easy, but it does require a pair of tights. Visit Instructables for all the details.

Boiled egg in a bowl plate.Instructables

Did you know you could make hard boiled eggs in the oven? Yes, it’s true! And apparently they come out perfectly every time. Visit Family Fresh Meals to see how to do it. And, yes, that’s a muffin tin they’re in.

Eggs are lying in a tray and one of them is cut from the middle while another one is broken.Family Fresh Meals

Eggs on a stick are now possible, thanks to the Rollie®. If is sounds like a ‘seen on TV’ kind of deal, that’s because it is. A vertical cooking system pops out cylindrical omelets like nobody’s business. (Or, as Stephen Colbert might say, to make them fit more snuggly in our colons.) I’ll let you decide if they’re worth the $29.99 price tag.

A girl is holding something white and yellow to her mouth.Rollie®

 *You can find the Sunnyside silicone egg shaper, which was used to make the sun and cloud in the primary picture, at Animi Causa for $11.99.