How to Sew A Microwave Potato Bag

How to Sew A Microwave Potato Bag
This Christmas, the in-laws gave me a microwaveable 'potato bag,' which looked like a sleeping bag for a potato. It came with instructions that said to simply wash and dry one or two potatoes, foregoing pricking, and then throw them in the 'wave at 4 minutes per potato. I was super skeptical. How could the bag NOT melt or catch on fire in the 'wave?? How could the potatoes NOT blow up if I didn't prick them?? (Although, I figured if they did the bag would catch the potato shrapnel.) The first attempt at using the bag was

  a nail-biter, but I'm happy to report it work fabulously. As a matter of fact, they were best microwaved potatoes we've ever snarfed. They were moist and fluffy inside and not shriveled on the outside. Of course, if you're a fan of crispy potato skin, like I am, a potato bag isn't going to do it for you. BUT if you don't have the time or a conventional oven (heads up dorm room population) a potato bag is the way to go. Trust me. Before we get to the how-to, please note USE ONLY 100% COTTON FABRIC, THREAD AND BATTING. ALSO, WASH THE FABRIC FIRST TO REMOVE THE MANUFACTURER'S SIZING. Although the instructions here say to wrap the potatoes in damp paper towels before putting them into the bag, my instructions did not stipulate that step. Now the how-to. Craft Sanity will walk us through. And they even have a quick video explaining how it all works. Check it out here:

CraftSanity On TV: A Potato Bag Tutorial For Microwaving Tasty Potatoes On The Fly [CraftSanity]

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