Before and After: A Laundry Closet Redesign

Before and After: A Laundry Closet Redesign

Do you have a spot in your home that has serious potential, but you just don't have the motivation to organize it? Yeah, me too. Well this laundry closet redesign is sure to inspire you; a little bit of effort can go a long way visually. Check out the amazing result after the jump.   


A sturdy white shelving unit provides some serious storage, and wrapping paper (believe it or not) lends visual interest to the back of the shelves. Kristin has also created a pegboard pocket door which slides in and out, adding a wonderful extra storage element to an already functional little nook. No major changes, only lots of small, easy, do-able ones. I'm inspired... how about you? Head on over to The Hunted Interior to see all the details of the makeover.

Laundry Room Redesign [The Hunted Interior]

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