How To: Create a Perfect (Simple) Winter Date Night at Home

How To: Create a Perfect (Simple) Winter Date Night at Home

Valentines' Day will be here before you know it, but it's still pretty chilly outside so a date night at home might be the best, and warmest, solution. Don't you think? Regardless of whether it's February 14th or January 17th though, there are plenty of ways to keep date night special without ever leaving the house. So here are my suggestions for a perfectly simple winter date night at home.    

You're probably going to be hungry, so let's tackle food first.

Comfort foods are the way to go on a cold winter night, but you'll also want to think of foods you could eat that don't require a plate. Think bowls for this date night dinner because you won't be eating at the dinner table.

While your food is cooking, put on some tunes. Who knows, this might even give way to an impromptu dance party.

If dancing isn't your thing, maybe a card game would be a better way to pass the time and chat about your day.

Once dinner is made, take this show on the road and head to the couch. That way,  you and your partner can binge-watch a favorite tv series from Netflix. Ahem...House of Cards comes back next month if you're looking for something to watch.

And if you need some food suggestions, here are my picks:

This recipe for easy baked ziti with spinach. Doesn't it look good? It's easy to make, but also a little bit more special than say,  Just be sure to serve it in a bowl to make it easy to eat from the couch.

Serve with this easy garlic bread recipe. You can just plop a slice or two right into the bowl of ziti to keep it manageable.

Or try this stovetop mac and cheese if ziti is not your thing.

After you've had your fill of food (and television), build a fire outside and roast s'mores, while you cozy up with a blanket.

Or, if it's too cold to be outdoors, turn on the fireplace and opt for another dessert instead, like nutella pudding. Again, it's in a bowl, so it will be easy to eat from the couch or on the floor by the fireplace.

Or, go with a more snack-y dessert, like cookies. There are two great recipes (oatmeal cookie sandwiches or 3 ingredient thin mints) to choose from.

So, that's it: a simple DIY guide to a winter date night at home. Have suggestions of your own to share? Leave a comment below with your favorite 'date at home' ideas.

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Manuela on Jan 17, 2014:

Thanks for the great tips - after a long trip my boyfriend will be back in town in tomorrow. I will make that night really romantic and make use of these tips :-).

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