My New Craft Room: Wallpaper Triptych

My New Craft Room: Wallpaper Triptych

We all know that framing decorative paper is a great way to create economical art, but if you’re looking for art with a defined image, wallpaper borders are a great way to go. This sweet border reminded me of Manet’s flowers in water-filled vases. All I did was cut the individual images apart and framed them.


For inspiration, check out Just Borders, which sells, you guessed it, just wallpaper borders. And don’t worry about buying an entire roll of the stuff; most on-line retailers have the option of ordering samples for a few bucks. Also, you could visit your local wallpaper store, browse their selection of borders and ask for a sample of your favorite(s). Chances are they’ll give you a sample of the entire pattern, until it repeats. Of course, you may want to tell them your plans for the sample, so they can charge you for it.

Large Daisy Border from Just Borders

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