5 Super Simple Organization Tips To Start The Year Off Right

5 Super Simple Organization Tips To Start The Year Off Right

I hate cleaning. And I hate organizing. But I love the way my house feels once it's finished. So to make it as painless as possible, I wanted to share my 5 favorite tips for getting your space under control for the new year. Here goes.   


1. Take out the trash. It's an easy thing to check off the to-do list, and it always feels nice to have an empty, nice-smelling garbage can. While you're at it, organize your trash area by separating the recycling bins and adding shelves for trash bags, paper bags, etc. like the folks at Real Simple have done in the image above. Click here for other under-the-sink organization ideas. [Photo: Real Simple]

2. Clean your desk. Giving your work space a sense of order is sure to increase productivity, and will help you maintain your sanity, too! Need more storage in your office area? Don't forget to look up... utilizing vertical space is a great way to maximize what you do have. [Photo: Paper Blog]

3. Bring order to the fridge. Many of us include "eating well" on our list of resolutions, so why not make it easy on ourselves by organizing the fridge? Cooking a healthy meal is less frustrating when the ingredients are orderly and easy to find. Try buying some of these clear refrigerator bins to take advantage of available space. [Photo: Crate and Barrel]

4. Tame the clothing beast. I'm constantly battling with my tiny closet, so again, vertical space is an important element. Drawers, as shown above, can be advantageous as well. Also be sure to check out this infographic for some great organizing tips and tricks. [Photo: Decor Pad]

5. Write down goals. For those larger organization projects, be sure to set some specific goals and write them down. Download this free printable to help you gather your organizational thoughts. [Photo: Somewhat Simple]

Happy New Year!

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