Gift Guide: 12 Gifts for Kids that Will Turn Them into DIY and Design Freaks—Like You & Me

Gift Guide: 12 Gifts for Kids that Will Turn Them into DIY and Design Freaks—Like You & Me

My DIY/design/craft/art obsession came very early in life. From Grandma's crocheting, Mom's sewing, Dad's handiwork, and my brother and sisters' artistic abilities. It was everywhere. If that sounds familiar, then the kids in your life will  probably LOVE any and all the items in this roundup. (Honestly, I'd STILL like to get some of them as Christmas gifts.)

Classic Wood Crafts ($29.99) includes everything from wood bits to glue. It's sure to plant the seed of wood-crafting love. (Ages 5+)

I remember my brother Tony carving animal shapes out of soap. They were marvelous, and the medium is perfect for kids as it is soft enough to carve with popsicle sticks.  Soap Carving: For Children of All Ages ($11.69) is the book to get started. (Estimated ages 6+)

Anybody else's Mom make them clay-dough from scratch? I would have died for some Air-Dry Clay ($5.29) back then. Perfect for the future Michelangelo. (Ages 3+)

No need for mastic, grout or sharp tiles (they're foam!) with My First Sticky Mosaics ($9.99). (Ages 3+)

Interior Design Sketch Portfolio ($10.99) comes with a spiral-bound sketch portfolio, 40 interior design sketch pages, and 7 removable plastic stencil sheets with more than 100 designs. (Ages 6+)

T.S. Shure Introduction to Architecture ($14.95) set comes with design templates, grid paper, architectural element punch-outs, design cards, and a poster of famous buildings. (Ages 7+)

(Twelve year old me would have been ALL OVER this next kit.) 

Electronic Snap Circuits SC-300 by Elenco ($45.07) teaches kids about—what else?—electronics! Build an AM radio, burglar alarm, doorbell and much more. (Ages 8-15 years) Yeah, I'd welcome one of these under my Christmas tree even now.

It might be a bit too cold to garden where you live at this time of year, but it's never to nippy to make a wind chime with this Make a Wind Chime Kit ($9.95). (Ages 8-15 years)

Kids love markers and they especially love this  Marker Maker kit by Crayola ($18.84). (Ages 8+)

Our love for Shrinky Dinks here at Curbly is well-documented, which is why this Shrinky Dinks Deluxe kit ($24.99) made the list. (Ages 7+)

And, finally, one of my absolute all-time favorites from childhood. Spirograph, or, in this case, the Spirograph Deluxe Kit ($24.99) by Kahootz. (Ages 8+) Santa can bring me one of these too!

Looking for more seasonal DIY projects and ideas?

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