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Shaken Not Stirred? Stock a Home Bar…

by on May 12, 2007

This is a guide (as compiled by my brother, the cocktail barman) to the gadgets and goodies that you really need to stock your home bar/cabinet where you keep the booze. 

   Bar glass with liquid decorated with carving inside the glass.



Elliot recommends a Boston shaker, these are the ones with the glass top. They are apparently better than the three-piece ‘traditional’ shaker. When I asked why this was Elliot stared into the middle distance with a look of abject horror on his face and whispered “They jam”…. huh. 

                                                                                                                                                                                                        Two beverage cups are lying together - one is made glass and the other is made of steel.

So, the Boston shaker is the sort used by professionals, they let you see how things are coming along and exactly how much booze you have added. They can also be used as a chiller for a martini, in the form of a cold bain Marie. Elliot says that you could pay more and do worse than this one. Which also come with a…


This is used to strain the ice or chunks of stuff out of the shaker and into the glass.



This is used for stirring and as a measure. It’s different from a regular spoon in that it has an extra long handle. Elliot recommends this sort, the flat top can be used for pouring layered drinks, you can learn to do that here.  


So you can get your measures right, when accuracy is the key. Or POURERS, for when you’re in a hurry and ‘by eye’ is good enough.


Elliot recommends a plastic one, wooden ones are apparently a hot-bed of germy yuckiness. 

Those are all the task specific things you’ll need, things you’ll need but probably already have are:

A knife, a chopping board and a juicer. 

Heatbreakingly, neither a Fire Hydrant shaped Soda Syphon OR a Flourescent Funnel Beer Bong make the list.

Wondering what makes Elliot an expert on all things bar? He trained with this chap. Ok, Bragging over.

Cheers to   for the pretty martini pic.

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