10 Free Holiday Gift Tag & Wrapping Paper Printables

10 Free Holiday Gift Tag & Wrapping Paper Printables

I like to wrap my Christmas presents in kraft paper, which means that I need lots of colorful gift tags to offset its stark look. Thankfully, there are tons of free printable tags available on the internet this time of year... and many of them are prettier than anything you could buy in the stores. Click through for my favorites.   


1. This beautiful woodland set includes both wrapping paper and gift tags to match. Click here for the paper and here for the tags. [Photo: Lia Griffith]

2. I love the modern look of these tags and the use of mint green... so fun! Click here for the free download. [Photo: The Stork Is Coming]

3. This red and green gift wrap is super cute... grab the printable file here. [Photo: Elli]

4. These gift tags were printed on sticky label paper - good idea! Download them here. [Photo: World Label]

5. Another modern take. Click here for the printable file. [Photo: Sass & Peril]

6. These wintery tags would look great on kraft paper, wouldn't they? Download them here. [Photo: Lemon Squeezy]

7. Who says everything has to be red and green this time of year? Go rogue with these cheery technicolor tags. Click here for the download. [Photo: Two Twenty One]

8. Here are a few more colorful tags... download them here. [Photo: October Ink]

9. This contemporary gift wrap and tag set has lots of different color options and geometric patterns. Click here to download the various designs. [Photo: Hey Look]

10. More festive color on these tags! Head over here to grab the free file. [Photo: Design Fixation]

Looking for more seasonal DIY projects and ideas?

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faith-towers on Dec 03, 2013:

Looking forward to seeing your new printables, thanks for letting us know!

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