My New Craft Room: Art display track and how to make one

My New Craft Room: Art display track and how to make one

I’m a paper freak. Primarily, I like to fold it and make greeting cards out of it. The problem is, when I complete a paper project, oftentimes it gets slipped into a drawer, only to be forgotten. When planning my new craft room workspace, I decided I wanted a way to display my recent folds and, more importantly, a place to keep my cards until they’re needed.


Inspired by Alltext’s photo wall, but on a much smaller scale, I had MWT rip a piece of 3/4 MDF down to 1 ½" x 48", which I then painted with 3 coats of semi-gloss latex, again, sanding between coats. Next, I fixed with small screws six spring clamps evenly spaced across the MDF. (The spring clamps I found at Office Max had suction cups screwed on the backs of them; I just took the suction cups off and used the existing screws to attach the clamps to the MDF.)

Now I have a way to queue up my greeting cards, plucking them like fruit, when I need them; and, of course, it’s a great way to show off my paper folding attempts–but only the successful ones.

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