Bright and Airy Shipping Container Home

Bright and Airy Shipping Container Home

This home located in Wuxi, China is a little different from most shipping container homes we see in that it's constructed in such a way that it doesn't reveal its secret at first glance. Two of  the 3 containers are stacked on the right, and a slopping, green roof connects those to a single container on the left. The picture below reveals all:

Inside, the home is bright and airy thanks to an abundance of skylights and walls of windows. If IKEA were in the shipping container home business, this just might be what they'd offer. They could call it the KONNTAYNÖRD. To see more pictures and read more about the home, visit Jetson Green

WFH House by Arcgency is a Sustainable Modular HOme Made of Three Shipping Containers [Jetson Green]

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