Nido: The Micro Cabin in the Woods

Nido: The Micro Cabin in the Woods
Back in 2010, designer Robin Falck was barely 20 years old but had dreams of building a getaway place of his own. He found the perfect spot in the Finnish archipelago of Sipoo. He wanted to avoid building permits; keeping the structure under 9 square meters did just that. After coming up with the design, he  ran it by an architect, who gave Robin the thumbs up. It took Robin just 2 weeks to build the structure, carrying all the materials to the construction site 'by hand to keep the nature untouched.' Low impact carried over to the materials themselves as they were all recycled or obtained locally. 

The resulting cabin, dubbed 'Nido,' which is Italian for 'bird's nest,' consists of a lounge area and 'micro' kitchen on the ground floor and sleeping loft on the second. For more information about Robin and Nido, visit his website.

Nido — A Hut in the Woods [IGNANT]

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