Holiday Gift Guide: 12 Sweet Handmade Gifts for Kids

Holiday Gift Guide: 12 Sweet Handmade Gifts for Kids

Forget the early-morning-Black-Friday-shopping this year and give your child something unique and handmade! We've rounded up 12 great gifts for your littles that support handmade Etsy shop owners and a few other online shops as well!      


1. Henry The Fox doll made by Walnut Animal Society 

2. Cloud-shaped Chalkboard Wall Sticker by Carolinesouth on Etsy 

3. Wooden Safari Puzzle by siamcollection on Etsy 

4.  Wooden Cup N Ball toy by applenamos on Etsy 

5. Wooden Mushroom Bowling by MuddyFeet on Etsy 

6. Facemaker Blocks by Cow & Co

7. Cardboard Mini Jungle by Milimbo 

8. Wooden Toy Forest Friends by mielasiela on Etsy 

9. Stacrobots Wooden Stackable Robots by boardgames on Etsy 

10. Teepee Play Tent by CatchingStarsUK on Etsy 

11. Wooden Modular Building House by manzanitakids on Etsy 

12. Hipster Wooden Blocks by MiaBooo on Etsy http://www.etsy.com/listing/167819142/wooden-blocks-large-set-hipster-unique?ref=br_feed_50&br_feed_tlp=kids-category

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