Roundup: 10 Thanksgiving DIY Projects For Kids (And The Young At Heart)

by on Nov 7, 2013

Small turkey decorations have been created out of pine cones, feathers, felt and googly eyes.A Pumpkin And A Princess

Up here in Boston, the weather has gotten cold and drizzly… not exactly conducive to sending the kids outside to play. Instead, grab the feathers and the glue and try out these fun Thanksgiving DIY projects, crafts and games that will have them busy for hours. And you might just have fun too.   

DIY project information for thanksgiving.

1. Grab these free printables and play a game of Turkey Hunt. [Photo: Bloom Designs]

2. This paper-bag turkey filled with popcorn will be a hit any day of the week. Find out how to make your own here. [Photo: Martha Stewart Show]

Three pics of thanks giving ideas with color papers for kids.

3. This is a two part project… go collect lots of colorful leaves outside, then turn them into turkey art inside! Find out how here. [Photo: Baby Center Blog]

4. Hosting Thanksgiving dinner at your house? Don’t forget to pay attention to the kids’ table. Here are some fun decorating ideas. [Photo: Hoosier Homemade]

5. Get a good old-fashioned game of tic tac toe going – with pumpkins! Check out the easy tutorial here. [Photo: It’s Overflowing]

Kids crafts with color papers.

6. Use paper bags to create pilgrim puppets… then have them put on a puppet show for you. Check out the instructions here. [Photo: Origami Owls]

7. Sometimes the true message of Thanksgiving gets lost in the shuffle… so try making one of these thankful trees. Wouldn’t it be pretty with pastel colored leaves? Or all different shades of orange? The possibilities are endless. [Photo: Marie LeBaron]

Different thanksgiving crafts like a pinecone turkeys, and pie cards.

8. Another project that reminds us we have things to be thankful for – a Pumpkin Pie Spinner. Make your own here. [Photo: Parents]

9. Piñatas are a fun activity for a thanksgiving get-together… so why not try making your own ahead of time? Here are the instructions. [Photo: Family Fun]

10. And last but not least… make a few of these goofy pinecone turkeys with the kids. They’ll love it! Here’s the tutorial. [Photo: A Pumpkin And A Princess]

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