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Ugly-No-More Bamboo Chair Makeover

by on Nov 4, 2013

A wooden chair and ottoman with pink cushions.Shine Your Light Blog

When Lisa’s husband saw this chair ‘handed down’ by his parents, he had just one word to say about it. Actually, one word repeated 5 times: No, no, no, no, no. But Lisa, having vision and a great eye, was not deterred. She had the cushions professionally reupholstered. Lisa wisely pre-washed the white twill she chose for the makeover, so shrinkage wouldn’t be an issue on laundry day. Check out the ugly duckling ‘after’:

"Old Bamboo chair converted into an stylish Chair with Cushion"Shine Your Light Blog

Lisa chose to make over just the chair for now, but doesn’t rule out re-doing the ottoman in the future. Based on the success of the former, I wouldn’t be surprised if the latter has already gone under its own transformation. For more pictures of this makeover, visit Shine Your Light Blog.

The Bamboo Chair Makeover [Shine Your Light Blog]