How-to: A Nesting Kitchen Island IKEA "Super" Hack

How-to: A Nesting Kitchen Island IKEA "Super" Hack

This ingenious IKEA hack is really a combination of two great ideas... a kitchen island for seating with a rolling storage cart that fits perfectly underneath. My jaw dropped even further when I saw the built-in garbage bin. Click through to find out how to make your own nesting kitchen island.   


The flexibility of this island is appealing; pull the rolling cart out when you need an additional work surface or extra seating, and roll it right back under when extra space in the kitchen is the priority. Head on over to IKEA Hackers to read the full tutorial.

Expedit Rolling Kitchen Island [IKEA Hackers]

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faith-towers on Feb 26, 2015:

Great idea to use this concept in your workspace, Patty! Glad we could help!

PATTY LOVELESS on Feb 26, 2015:

I honor you for being so clever.  You have just resolved a space issue for me but being an outside the box thinker...I am going to use it to add valuable space to my sewing room.  The garbage hole will act as a great catcher for the strips of fabric waste created while serging garments,  Thank you so much.

Now what can I do to make you smile today?

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