7 Ways To Use Droolworthy Walk-Ins As Inspiration For Your Own Closet

7 Ways To Use Droolworthy Walk-Ins As Inspiration For Your Own Closet

Living in a 525 square foot condo, I am constantly struggling to find extra storage space. Sometimes I drool on my computer when I stumble upon one of those images captioned "dream closet" on Pinterest. But then it hit me - maybe we can learn a few things from those beautiful walk-ins. So here are seven tips for reinventing your closet, no matter what size it is.   


1. Color is often one of the most important factors when assembling an outfit, so why not make it easier on yourself by arranging your clothing according to color and pattern? It will make those groggy mornings that much easier. [Photo: Style'n]

2. Whether your closet has a window or not, it's important to add extra lighting for times when it's dark out. Recessed lighting in the ceiling and LED strips inside the shelves will do wonders for your space. [Photo: Houzz

3. I've always thought that a closet is the perfect place to flaunt your most daring pattern and color preferences; it's a personal space that not too many people will see, so why not go crazy? Try covering the walls in a bold wallpaper, or hang a brightly colored chandelier as shown above. [Photo: Apartment Therapy]

4. Get the most out of that money you spent at Kate Spade by creating an installation-style wall of bags. Most people don't have a closet this size, but why not try making a similar purse wall outside of the closet? [Photo: Mom Fashion Report]

5. Take the time to arrange the contents of your closet by amount of usage. Shoes and everyday work outfits should reside lower and within easy reach in the closet, while other seldom-used items such as fancy clutches and off-season clothing can be stored in boxes on the top shelf. [Photo: HGTV]

6. Try adding seating in or right outside of your closet. It will be a great place to assemble outfits, and to lounge if you're getting ready for a big night out with your girlfriends. [Photo: Hello Lovely]

7. Make sure everything in your closet is visible by storing things in transparent boxes. This will ensure that your special occasion items remain dust-free, but you'll also have a clear idea (pun intended) of your clothing inventory. [Photo: Elfa]

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faith-towers on Nov 11, 2013:

Excellent tip Jeanne, thanks!

Jeanne on Nov 04, 2013:

Great ideas. We added CFL bulbs in the "daylight" color spectrum so that the colors of the clothing were true. That has really helped in preventing brown from seeming purple and green from turquoise!

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