Decorating Your Dining Room for the Upcoming Holidays

Decorating Your Dining Room for the Upcoming Holidays

Last week, I had an opportunity to fly to New York with Gabriel, who writes for Curbly's brother site, ManMade, to decorate a room for an event put together by Lowe's called Deck the Halls. Gab and I created a dining room space completely from scratch, that would easily transition from Thanksgiving into Christmas (and the other winter holidays). All in about six hours.     

Of course, there was a whole lot of planning before the actual event: picking out furniture, choosing paint colors, etc. And there was plenty of scurrying around the day of, searching the flower district and then a prop shop, before heading back to finish styling the room, hanging artwork, etc. Here's what the room looked like at the start of the day. It all went by so fast, it felt like a dream. But we were really happy with the final result.

So let's talk about the space. We wanted to create a minimal, modern room that still felt very cozy and comfortable. We landed on scandinavian cabin as our loose theme and ran with a colorless scheme as our base, of black and white. Then we added in pops of  color for fall and winter, in the installation boxes, comfy pillows, and accessories. We also brought in rustic items like chopped wood and birch branches to bring in texture and painted gourds and pumpkins in various colors to act as sculptural art pieces in the decorative shelving unit. Some of the paint colors we used include: Redstone Blue Spruce, Bear Claw and Cathedral Stone.

Of course, we couldn't resist including a few DIY projects in our space as well. This was a Curbly room after all! Right?  Some of the DIY items in the space included the large box installation on the back wall (made of MDF), the circular pine plywood chargers on the table, all the floral centerpieces, and planters for some of our succulents. *I'll be sharing a tutorial for the DIY succulent planters on Tuesday, November 5th. So be sure to check back for that next week. We even had an outdoor table from Lowe's painted in white to use as our dining room table, which is a great DIY tip for anyone that wants to update their dining room without breaking the bank. Paint does wonders for transforming a space.

To see more details from our dining room, visit the lifestream, that Gabriel and I did with the Kitchen Cousins from HGTV, right here. And visit the Curbly Instagram @curbly for more photos.

This post was sponsored by Lowes, but all opinions are mine alone.

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