How to: DIY "Paint-Dipped" Candy Corn Mason Jars

How to: DIY "Paint-Dipped" Candy Corn Mason Jars

These festive candy corn inspired mason jars look like they are dipped in colorful paint, but there's no paint involved at all. You won't believe how cute these candy corn jars are... or how easy they are to make!   


You guessed it, balloons are the magic material in this project! The creative folks over at Brit + Co. realized that layering balloon pieces onto jars gives a "paint-dipped" look without all the messy cleanup. And the best part is that you can remove the balloons after Halloween is over, and you still have your clear mason jars. So then you can customize them for the next holiday. Head on over to Brit + Co. for the full tutorial.

Balloon-Dipped Candy Corn Jars [Brit + Co.]

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