How to: Easy Ideas To Turn Your Bathroom Into A Spa-Like Retreat

How to: Easy Ideas To Turn Your Bathroom Into A Spa-Like Retreat

A trip to the spa is the ultimate way to de-stress, but we don't all have the time or money to head to the spa every month. So why not create your own calming sanctuary right at home that you can enjoy every single day? Here are a few simple tips for turning your bathroom into a relaxing spa-like retreat.     


1. Stick with neutral, earthy tones. Spas tend to use light colors for a calming effect, giving the space an organic feel. My Design Chic shows us that pale blue lends a soothing sense; head here for more pale blue inspiration. As shown in the second photo above, white is a great base color; then add accents of pale blue, beige and brown to keep the space from feeling too sterile. Check out Apartment Therapy for more tips on creating a relaxing bathroom. 

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2. Greenery adds life to the room. A cluster of houseplants give this room an inviting feel, while Martha Stewart's crabapple blossoms lend a romantic vibe. Place an orchid on your vanity for more of a zen look, as they've done over at Decor Pad.

3. Aromatherapy is an important consideration. Scent plays a large role in mood, so don't forget to add relaxing aromas to your space. Hang eucalyptus over your shower head for a refreshing scent as recommended by Uphaa, or place reed diffusers on your countertop. Head over to Elizabeth Danon Interiors for more tips on adding organic scents to your home. Complete your candlelit bath with rose petals for a warm, romantic break.   

4. Encourage prolonged relaxation. Check out the full DIY tutorial for this handy wooden bathtub tray over at Snippets of Design. It's the little things in life! And don't forget to add a glass of champagne as The Online Stylist has done. 

5. It's all in the details. Eliminating labels will reduce visual clutter in the room... try transferring cotton balls and q-tips to apothecary jars as they've done over at Design Indulgences. A curved shower curtain will add space to your shower area for a more luxurious experience. Check out this and other easy bathroom refreshers over at Modern Furniture Design. Last, an easy way to make your bathroom feel spa-like is to stick with white towels, and roll them up as Timothy Whealon has done. 

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