Illuminated Cherry Blossoms

Illuminated Cherry Blossoms

Have you ever noticed how public places make use of white twinkle lights year round? Why? Because it’s festive, of course. Which is exactly the reason we should all consider adding twinkle lights to our homes. An easy way to this is snag a couple of Graham & Green’s lighted Cherry Blossom Branches. For 16£, you get a 100 cm high branch outfitted with 35 lighted flowers (available in pink & white). How festive is that?

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baconthecat on Jul 24, 2007:

Hey! And they're better than normal twinkly lights, because they actually look pretty when they're not lit up, as well! I have a friend who loves sakuras so much, she got one tattooed on her ribcage--these would be perfect for her!

kimistarr on May 11, 2007:

they are so pretty!

lilybee on May 10, 2007:

Bruno, do they do them with a 110v plug? Switching from 240 to 110 has been the bane of my existence...


bruno on May 10, 2007:

We have these in our bedroom... they're provide some really nice ambience.

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