Before and After: A Minimal Dining Room Makeunder

Before and After: A Minimal Dining Room Makeunder

Compared to many of the before and afters we show here on Curbly, this before looks really good. Once you click through to the after though, you'll see that the home owners style is more minimal and modern. Two words that perfectly describe my own style when it comes to interiors. So which one do you prefer? The before or the after? Click through to see for yourself and decide.         

This small but colorful dining room area gets a mini makeover, which some may even call a makeunder. I mean that in a good way though. I think the fresh coat of paint, new furniture, and light fixture make the space feel more grown up, but still interesting and on-trend. What do you think?

Also, I tried to find images with the most similar before and after angles. This was as close as I could get. There are, of course, more photos on Beautiful Protest.

Visit Beautiful Protest for more.

[Found via Design Sponge]

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