From Ouch to Awe, an Eye-Opening Kitchen Makeover

From Ouch to Awe, an Eye-Opening Kitchen Makeover
Matt and Meredith's kitchen didn't lack for color, that's for sure. That wallpaper alone . . . , well, that had to go. And it did. (Sort of. They painted of it.) They also painted the cabinets, trim and bead board. The flooring and countertop was replaced too. All in all, this makeover was huge without too much demolition. But enough about the road to the promised land; this is where their kitchen makeover adventure ended:

For a veritable scrapbook of pictures of the new space, visit Dear Lillie. 

Mat and Meredith's HUGE Kitchen Makeover [Dear Lillie Blog]

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Anonymous on Sep 14, 2013:

Wow! And mostly just with removing wall paper and adding paint on every surface. Same cabinets, molding, doors...just the lights are different and hardware plus the stove changed out. Whatta stunning change. Looks fantastic!!

Anonymous on Sep 13, 2013:

This is a jaw-dropping transformation.  This kitchen looks like a complete redo, even though the bones are almost the same.  Good work!

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