Take a Tour of NFL Players' Homes

Take a Tour of NFL Players' Homes

To kick off the 2013 football season, REALTOR.com recently ran an article profiling 21 NFL players' homes. Some of their occupants are still handling the pigskin; others are enjoying the afterglow of their careers. All in all, most are living large. Jay Cutler started leasing  the 6,710 sf suburban Chicago home pictured above back in April. 

Rob Gronkowski's Tampa property (below) was just put on the market last week for a cool $2.4.

Legendary Troy Aikman recently downsized to this Dallas mansion. 
Yes, Troy downsized. Pictured below was his last home-sweet-mansion. It may look similar to the new one, but its pricetag was pegged at $24 million, and it had 11,500 square feet of living space. The new one? That has a mere 10,662 square feet of luxurious living. 

For even more pictures—both inside and out—of NFL players' homes, visit this page as well as this page on REALTOR.com. There's 34 in all to ogle. 

21 NFL Players Homes to Kick Off The Football Season [REALTOR]

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