Dresser Makeover Done TWO Ways

Dresser Makeover Done TWO Ways

 Virginia bought this roughly-used dresser two years ago for $20. She says 'it was broken in just about every way possible.' Plus, there were some souvenirs from a kid named Kevin on it. The perfect victim for a makeover, Virginia  re-did dresser back then, making it look like this: 

But Virginia's t.v. was destine for a wall-mount installation, so she didn't need to use the dresser as a console anymore. What's a DIYer to do? Make the dresser over again, of course. Here's what it looks like now (note the herringbone/hombre mashup):

Now that you've seen both versions—actually, three—which do you prefer? Based upon your answer, you might want to see how she did each of these of these makeovers. To see how she accomplished them, click here for the first one and here for the second one. 

DIY Herringbone Dresser [Live Love DIY]

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Kim on Sep 10, 2013:

The original piece, fixed up and sanded, wouldn't have suited her décor. I think it's a great thing to give tired, veneered pieces an updated look with a bit of paint. Better than tossing them and buying new tat.

Anonymous on Sep 09, 2013:

The herring bone design, I like the most.

Jody on Sep 09, 2013:

I love your 2nd go. The herringbone design really pops.

Anonymous on Sep 09, 2013:

I actually love the original piece, pre-paint. Maybe just fixed up, sanded, and re-stained.

Anonymous on Sep 09, 2013:

touche Ash. don't take those feet off.

Ash on Sep 09, 2013:

I hate that she removed the legs on the first makeover! Totally removes all it's midecentury charm. Good call putting them back for round two. 

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