Build your own Gypsy vardo

I like camping, but hate the outside part of it. My ideal camping experience would be with a travel trailer, except they are really expensive. I'm po', so tent camping it is. Until I was readling my friend Nina's LJ, she linked to this woman who built her own Gypsy vardo. Now this is traveling in style, my friends. Check it:


Build your own Gypsy vardo

The one on the left is hers, I believe the one on the right belongs to her brother.  


This is how she painted the back. How lovely is that?


The interior? Divine.


Head on over to her site, she shows you step by step how it was built and everything. I so totally want to do this now.  


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jasimar on May 10, 2007:

The absolute bestest thing I've seen on wheels since toast

Please excuse, "Toast-on-Wheels" still in production, patent pending. 

DIY Maven on May 10, 2007:

Love it!

bohring on May 09, 2007:

Cute! I have always wanted a travel trailer (in fact, I was looking some up on craigslist right before making my way here) but I never thought of making one!

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