Roundup: Clever DIYable Ways to Store and Organize Cookware and Utensils

Roundup: Clever DIYable Ways to Store and Organize Cookware and Utensils
There's a lot of unruly stuff in the kitchen, when you think about it. Pots and pans, baking sheets, glass dishes, bulky utensils . . .  They all take up space fast. Here's 10 clever and diy-able ways to get them  under control once and for all. 

A DIY pot rack was an excellent answer to the lack of storage in this tiny kitchen. The owner also made the shelf above the stove too. Out of pocket expense for the materials was a very affordable $62. You can read more about the projects here. 

Another rack we featured here on Curbly before is made of copper pipe.

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If you're lacking wall space for the rack above, how about the vertical one below? Made of metal chain, S-hooks and a carabiner, it set the maker back about $42 for materials. Click here to read more.

Copper pots do double duty: use them for cooking when needed and, when stored, use them as art. Pared up with a framed poster, they can create lovely vignettes like this.
Nesting pots is a great way to store them. But what about the lids? Martha suggests using a couple of inexpensive metal towel bars mounted to solid-core pantry/cabinet doors to store them. Read here for more info about his idea.

This idea using dowels and pegboard (from the MOSAIC Group) is an excellent way to store glass bakeware.  No chipping!

The answer to all those tall, flat things that are forever falling over is curtain tension rods. A little bit of genius, no?
If you'd like to convert your base cabinets for vertical storage permanently, Family Handyman tells us how to do it. Basically, you remove and trim the center shelf and add a vertical divider. 
If you're lucky enough to have pretty utensils, but not counter space for a utensil container, this IKEA Hacker has a great option for storing them. Frame them in a RIBBA frame. Click here to see how to read more.
Another bit of genius is this next idea maximizing drawer storage space. The insert you see below is actually a store-bought item ($75), but the idea is easily replicated. The Kitchn suggests making one out of thin pieces of wood and E-6000. 

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Eli on Sep 09, 2013:

When it come to pots , I prefer to put them in drawer with their covers on , that way - I don't need to start matching which cover goes to which pot.

The drawer storage space is a really nice idea , while 75$ is bit expensive for that kind of solution and the link "The Kitchn suggests making one out of thin pieces of wood and E-6000. " leads me to the photo and not to the DIY tutorial.

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