How To: A Smart Solution for Covering an Ugly, Existing Chain Link Fence

by on Aug 29, 2013

Wooden fence with lava rock bedding with grass and a bush.Rachel Denbow

If you have ever lived somewhere with a chain link fence, you know it doesn’t allow for much privacy, since you can see right through them. If you’re looking for a solution to this problem, this tutorial is your answer. In an afternoon, you can put together a temporary (or more permanent) fencing structure to attach to the pre-esiting chain link fence that won’t cause any damage. This one is perfect for renters, especially, who may be worried about causing damage and loosing the security deposit upon move out. Check it out.   

A ruler sits a on a piece of wood nexat to a hammer, then a horizontal slat fence is in a yard.Rachel Denbow

Rachel Denbow, from one of my favorite vintage lifestyle blogs, Smile and Wave, shares the step by step process for making this cedar wood wall structure that connects to an existing chain link fence, without causing any damage. The result is a secure fence solution that allows for privacy and is actually attractive.

Visit Smile and Wave for more photos and the full tutorial.

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