Petunia and Bistro Table Update--One Hailstorm Later

Petunia and Bistro Table Update--One Hailstorm Later

Time to update some summer projects. First is the leggy petunia problem. As you might remember, when we last left them, they were shorn down to about 2" stalks. After three weeks and a couple  douses of Miracle-Gro, this is what they look like now, full and fresh as springtime:

Next is that shiny bistro table makeover. This is what it looked like right after I blasted it with spray paint, also about 3 weeks ago. (The paint was still wet when I took the picture.)

Below is what it looks like today. Besides sitting outside every day since its makeover, it was subjected to a hailstorm last week that produced 1 1/2" balls of ice. (Thankfully, the petunias blossoms were spared as they hadn't popped open yet.) Anyway, I watched the hail fall and crossed my fingers. Looks perfect from this distance.

Upon closer inspection, however, I found this very tiny chip. All and all, I think it faired excellently.

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