What’s your ‘it’ room?

by on May 9, 2007

Wooden sofa with some cushions and a table holding diary and plant is in the living room.

The May issue of REALTOR Magazine, includes a trend report about the ‘it’ room. The ‘it’ room is the next big thing in residential construction and it’s based on builders’ best guesses. Popular and profitable forecasts of the past included master suites outfitted with equally impressive master bathrooms and media rooms. On the horizon some builders are betting that those media room will move from basements to the main floor. Other guesses include meditation rooms, home-management centers (so you have a place to schedule your time together, which may be the only time you spend together), rooms dedicated to storage and hobbies, craft rooms, club rooms (in which to smoke cigars and drink brandy, I suppose), air-lock transitions from garage to home to ‘safeguard your deliveries’, and screened porches with transient heat, and flat-screen t.v.’s.

Room with glass walls, T. V., chair, stool, table with potted plant and glass roof.

This one’s a no-brainer for me: ‘it’ is the screen porch. If you were starting from scratch, retro-fitting, or adding on, what would be your ‘it’ room? Is it among the builders’ bets?