What REALLY Happens on a Home Makeover T.V. Show

What REALLY Happens on a Home Makeover T.V. Show
Once upon a time, Allison and her husband made a video on an iPhone about how much they hated their kitchen; then they submitted the confession to DIY Network's I Hate My Kitchen. And that, my friends, was the beginning of their reality TV adventure. Allison reveals all the behind-the-camera action in an revealing (and entertaining) article

  on MSP Magazine. She also dispels some common myths about cramming a 6 week process into a half-hour television show. 

First, even though they're on a TV show, homeowners need a budget, because they do have to pay for a good chunk of the do-over. Some items were offered for free, but only if Allison and her husband took what was offered (no substitutions), like the red Bertazzoni oven in the 'after'. As far as all the work that took place on camera, Allison said the production company made it look as if she, her husband, and the show's host did all of it. As it turned out, that was mostly for show. As soon as the camera's were off, the pros jumped in to take over--and correct any mistakes they may have made. To read the entire article, click here. Not only are there more pictures to ogle, it also includes some great hints for getting on to a makeover show. 

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Dunn Hughes on Sep 03, 2013:

Nice blog! These are good tips about workmanship. I liked the steps you mentioned to have clean.

Debbie on Aug 12, 2013:

I always wondered about the money aspect... Who pays for what, and if all the items used in staging were not included. Cool.

DesigningMom on Aug 12, 2013:

I always wondered about the workmanship on those shows. It's nice to know that pros actually do much of the work.

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