Before and After: Geometric Nightstand Makeover

Before and After: Geometric Nightstand Makeover

This nightstand was in pretty poor condition when Reeves took it home and, after realizing that wood stain wasn't enough to fix some of the blemishes, she opted to paint it. Check out the final result below and let us know what you think!        

Reeves has this to say about her project:

I love simple furniture, and usually just paint pieces with one color, but lately I have been wanting some pattern to make the piece different and unique. I picked up this danish modern nightstand off of craigslist. I originally thought I would restain it, but after getting it there was some splotches on it that would not be covered up by stain, and the inside/back part is not solid wood.

I kept the original hardware since it has two screws, so it would be hard to find something new to fit. I think it works though. I definitely see this in a boys room as a nightstand. I really love the way it turned out!

Read more about this makeover and how it was achieved over on Reeves' blog The Weathered Door.

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MyContainedLife on Aug 24, 2013:

Serious Inspiration! I have a small dresser Ijist cannot seem to restore or figure out What to do with--You've solved my dilemma and inspired soo much further! Many Thanks WOW! Great Job Again ;D

Les on Aug 23, 2013:

That's hot.

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