Roundup: Lovely Pressed Flower Crafts and Art

Roundup: Lovely Pressed Flower Crafts and Art
The way I prolong summer blossoms is by taking pictures of them. (I'm a sucker for a perfect flower.) But another fabulous way to make them last longer is by pressing/drying them and then turning them into crafts and decor. Here are some super easy projects any of us can do. None require any fancy equipment, but if you're an overachiever and want to make  a flower press, check out this article at Fine Gardening, which also describes the tried-and-true 'book' method. It also give a list of flowers that press well. For those of us impatient souls, check out the 'microwave' and 'iron' method for pressing/drying flowers on BHGNow for the projects.

Love these coasters made with cut pieces of glass. (Hint, with care, you can use your bed tile cutter to cut glass. I've done it; it works.)

Beth tells us how to embellish glass bottle and jars with pressed flowers

Carolyn made the prettiest gift tags ever with her pressed flowers. Basically, she just glued them onto the tags.

Get a head start on Easter eggs by drying flowers this summer!

Loving these pressed flower tea lights too.

The flowers take center stage in these art pieces. Go to Lowes to get the details. 

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Nabeela on Aug 31, 2013:

I love teh Tags!! I am making them :-)

MadeleineDickinson on Aug 13, 2013:

Great idea. Especially the tea lights. Can try it out for candle night dinner ;)

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