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Crazy for Corks

by on May 8, 2007

A woman in sky blue shirt and jeans with a bonnytail sitting on the car.

Crazy for corks? Here are some quirky-cool ideas on how to recycle your towering collection of wine and champage corks….

  "A Craft work is done on the wall to decorate"Home Cheap Home  Wine corks form a decorative frame and chalk ledge for a gray chalkboard reading "Buy Me!" Cork Chalkboard/ Message Board A light made of corks. Cork Lamp A bottle of Corona and a wine glass both on top of a cork coaster. Flat cork coasters A cabinet full of wine glass and beer bottles and corks. Cork bulletin board Some food items is in the table. Cork placecard holders, on eBay "The plant was planted in the pot , near the piller ". Corks in plants "A black vase with Red colored flowers" Wood table sitting on a white pedastal with orange chairs sitting around it.Cork Table, House Beautiful A night lamp attached with a stand made up of corks placed in a table along with a beer bottle and glass. Lamp/ Vase, Wine Enthusiast Corks are being used as a baseboard in a beige room. Cork Baseboard Round shape design made from corks on the wall.Cork Art, Creative Living Spaces Wooden corks placed into the handle of the lod. Cork under lid handle A single couch made up of a large bunch of corks. Cork Chair, by Gabriel Wiese No image provided. Cork Coaster made with CDs Birdhouse made with corks.Corky Roof on Etsy Birdhouse Small wooden dining room with a wooden table pressed up against a wall with wine bottles hanging on a rack above it. Wall, Strat’sPlace

~ by *Terramia*

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