Crazy for Corks

Crazy for Corks

Crazy for corks? Here are some quirky-cool ideas on how to recycle your towering collection of wine and champage corks....


Home Cheap Home 
Cork Chalkboard/ Message Board
Cork Lamp
Flat cork coasters
Cork bulletin board
Cork placecard holders, on eBay
Corks in plants
Cork Table, House Beautiful
Lamp/ Vase, Wine Enthusiast
Cork Baseboard
Cork Art, Creative Living Spaces
Cork under lid handle
Cork Chair, by Gabriel Wiese
Cork Coaster
made with CDs
Corky Roof on Etsy Birdhouse
Wall, Strat'sPlace

~ by *Terramia*

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asilnnigcm on Sep 19, 2007:

These photos are extrodinary. I may try to do a few coasters they are so original, I wouldn't be able to drink fast enough for  Holiday  gifting  although if I started right now...Maybe??  ;) 

DesigningMom on Jun 07, 2007:

I too have started to collect them since I saw a bulletin board made from them on HGTV.

terramia on May 09, 2007:

Negative... not all in ma maison. But, I do admit a collection of chiraz tops are starting to pile up! I needed some ideas on how to be eco-creative with these corky little guys, rather than just tossing them away! (:

bruno on May 09, 2007:

Wow, this is incredible! Please tell me these are not all in your house!

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