Shocking 80's Kitchen Makeover

Shocking 80's Kitchen Makeover

Sue and her husband saved for 9 years before they had enough money to drag their painfully 80's kitchen into the 21st century. They blew it out and turned it into cook's dream. I think it's a wowzer, and totally classic. But it does make me wonder if  in 30 years from now people will say, "Ick...one of those 'white' kitchens from the early oh's!". I hope not. 

To read/see more, visit this page on The Kitchn.

Kitchen Before & After: A 1980's Kitchen Gets a Chef-Caliber Makeover [The Kitchn]

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Phibber McGee on Mar 13, 2019:

Come on, that's not even the same room.

Anonymous on Aug 04, 2013:

This is not a makeover- it's a full on kitchen renovation!
Looks great.

Beth on Aug 03, 2013:

Wow! What a transformation ! So much light. A happy place to gather

MaryJo on Aug 02, 2013:

Oh my--I think it's gorgeous!

Anonymous on Aug 02, 2013:

I have the before cabinets in my laundry room; not one to rip and redo, I'd love a tutorial on filling the brown line/depression on the cabinet and resurfacing.

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